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How It Began:
It was the responsibility of Robert Baden Powell go teach the men of the
British Army to live and adapt to the jungle of South America during the
Boer War in the early 1900's. Realizing how difficult this was, he
developed games to make physical and mental development
easier. Upon his return home to England, he was persuaded to
teach these same outdoor skills to boys. On February 8, 1910,
with the help of William D. Boyce, President Taft (honorary president),
Dan Beard (author, illustrator, and national scout commissioner), and
James West (chief scout executive); Boy Scouts of America became a permanent
organization in the United States. The first charter of Troop 56 in Strasburg, PA was
written on March 27, 1939. Eighteen boys, from Strasburg and nearby vicinities, were chartered as
new scouts. There are 55 recordable years of scouting in Strasburg. A lot of changes and memorable experiences with scouts and families have been shared.